Written by: Alan Bond, Photo Credit: James Starkey 

Having grown up in Chester, Evan moved to Leeds in the summer of 2013 to study Music Production. No sooner had he settled, he quickly gained himself a residency at club night Set One Twenty.

Now revelling in the fast moving Yorkshire city where he says keeping track of the scene is a task in itself – his determination and hunger to make a career out of doing what he loves best is clear to see.

Born in Hamilton, Canada he has profoundly become fascinated with the sounds of Detroit masters Floorplan, Moodyman, Andres and Omar S – who he recently supported in February and these sounds provide the basis of his sets.

At 19 he has been on the local circuit for over three years now, initially having to lie about his age to be able to play at nights within Chester such as Schlomo, Surco Profundo and Fractured Sound.

Despite the fact he is now based away from his home city, he continues to play a role in building a scene through monthly Reggae and Jungle night Hubba Dubba which he puts on with his brother Andrew at small capacity venue Bar Rum Bar on City Road.

This is something he hopes to continue building when he returns home this summer, the same time he also plans to release his first ever EP.

Words: Alan Bond, Photograph: Barbara Gagliadi

“I have spent a lot of time to find the music that I have collected. I think vinyl is better when you’ve spent time and maybe you have done a lot of miles to find it, so that vinyl will have a story linked at the moment and ones you’ll never forget!!”

In any town or City across the world where there is a formulated platform for electronic music – there is a passionate group of DJs, promoters and enthusiasts alike which provides the core for the scene and in Central Italy and the province of Marche, things are no different.

Situated on the Adrianic coast, a prime example of such a figure is a man who’s love for music stems from a pirate radio show on Radio Italia Network in the early 1990’s which encouraged him to indulge the world of music and more closely an interest in club culture which developed since receiving his first record (Cajmere Ft Dejae- Brighter Days (Remixes)) from his grandfather in 1992.


Words: Alan Bond, Photography: James Starkey

Every City needs at least one record shop and in Chester it is no different now thanks to this typically unorthodox space located on Garden Lane.

Woodstock Vinyl Records was opened in April 2013 by Brian Green, a 49-year-old who grew up in Liverpool during the 70’s and decades later witnessed the dance culture begin during the Cream years believing that spell was a major influence behind the re-generation of the City.



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